Linda Bellon-Fisher

Linda Bellon-Fisher, whose bachelor’s and master’s degrees were in art, formerly was an artist whose work was shown around the U.S. and in Japan, who taught college level photography, and who wrote for ArtWeek and photography magazines. Following teaching, Linda was an arts manager for twenty years, first the program manager (communications) for The Friends of Photography founded by Ansel Adams, then the executive director of the Monterey County Cultural Council, and then manager of The Washington State Arts Commission’s Arts in Education Program.

Linda has gone back to being an artist and is writing children’s books. These goat painting are in My Story of Glory, which is about the glory of little Sophie-poo goat’s life. Linda wrote this book to entertain children and bring up the goodness of being kind, doing physical activities, and making art. Why did Sophie-poo have a life of glory?  Her mama told her grandpa “The world has changed; so will you teach Sophie-poo to live your old life, safe, and true?” Grandpa Gasparko goat did, so please take note. To entertain children you can buy My Story of Glory or a goat painting shown here by calling Linda at 1-360-426-5749, or you can go on-line to for more information and to order the book.

see_me birdies kicking painting boat gasparko